I was born and raised right here in Delaware, and have lived here my entire life. I have attended St. Anthony's Grade School, St. Mark's High School, and went to the University of Delaware with a major in Economics

Currently, my wife, son, 2 dogs, and I live in Newark. 

I have been a real estate agent for 7+ years, providing amazing service to all my clients in DE, PA, and MD. bringing both sides of a transaction together to allow both sides to get a deal where they both win. I have also served and continue to serve in the military for 9+ years. 6 years in the Delaware National Guard. Now currently 3+ years in the US Army Reserve.  

In my free time, I love just spending time with my wife and son, family and friends. I am a part time bee keeper, grow a sizeable garden, go camping, hiking, and random day trips.