Doctor and Patient
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Health care has been at the forefront the past couple of years with what was going on in the world. While we can not control everything in health care, what we can control is how we treat our sick and elderly. I don't believe denying our loved ones the right to have see family and friends is the right thing to do. Sometimes just seeing a loved one will help the patient with recovering. I have seen this 1st hand with my own family. While we can not change the past, we can learn from it and ensure this never happens to anyone else going forward.


A lot has happened over the past couple of years. Things we can not change, but learn from. Small businesses have been lost and inflation is affecting us all, whether it's at the pump or the grocery store. What could we do though? The past 2 years Delaware has had a combined budget surplus of almost $3 BILLION, that's extra after everything else has already been paid for. There is plenty we can do at the state level to assist the people of Delaware. It's not a complex issue with complex solutions. The solution is simple, let people keep more of their hard earned money, clearly the state has more than enough.

Public Servant

Being a public servant is not something many elected officials do, or at least do well. I plan to actually serve the people, to hear their issues and come up with the best possible solution with them. The people in our district will know who their State Senator is when I am elected. I will do my best to keep everyone in the district updated on the issues, event, and anything else happening in our area, as that is what an elected official that is truly a public servant would do.

Bringing Balance Back to Delaware

For too long 1 side has controlled everything that happens in Delaware. We can see that does not work well for the people of Delaware. Delaware works best when we can have input from difference sides coming together to form a solution that works for the people of Delaware. I plan to bring the view points of the people of Delaware to the discussion table on all issues. I have always been open to discussions on all topics, and I will continue that when elected to the Delaware State Senate

More Issues

Reach out to me if you want to discuss other topics. There are defiantly more issues to discuss. This page also gets updated quite often from issues/thoughts/comments people have reached out to me about.

Public Safety

We all have seen the increase in violent crimes throughout the area, yet policies are being put into place to make the crime worse. We are not enforcing our laws, our current Attorney General is releasing criminals with no charges, around 85%. The bail system is currently allowing criminals to be released with no bail right after they committed a violent crime. Something has to change, and I plan to bring that change to correct these issues the best I can.


As someone who personally does many things to care for our environment, I know there are many things we can do on a state level that cares for the environment, without sacrificing our economy or standard of living. We could do things as simple as allowing our state owned lands to return to their natural state. Not only would this improve the local environment, it would save tax payers from having to pay for maintenance. Examples of this would be allowing median strips to return to meadows filed with wildflowers. Introduce rain gardens in key areas to capture rain water run off, which allows the water to be absorbed into the ground instead of flooding our creeks and streams during heavy rain events.