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Gas Powered Cars Banned in Delaware?

Updated: Mar 8

Delaware is looking to ban new gas powered cars by 2035. only about 12 years away from the date of this post. This will currently only affect new car purchases, and not currently owned cars. Delaware adopted standards that must be "identical to the California standards". Not only is the Delaware government over stepping on our rights, they are just doing whatever California is going to do. Nothing about how the citizens of Delaware get no say about this change being forced onto us. The issue here is not if electric cars are good or bad. The issue is not letting the people decide what is best for themselves. Further into the issue is, if the people are forced to buy electric cars ONLY, there is no incentive for electric car makers to make their cars stand out from gas powered cars. The issue is not even about the environment, although I am sure we have all at least seen how they mine the metals needs for the electric car batteries. This is simply once again the government of Delaware picking which industry and which of their special interest get to win. Spoiler alert, it's not the people of Delaware, the people of Delaware will lose once again.

Thanks for reading this short post about what's going on right now in Delaware. I will start having blog post about local issues in Delaware along with following the state legislature once they are back in session.

DNREC is holding another workshop to discuss this issue, if you are not able to attend the virtual meeting you can always send them your public comments. I have linked everything below.

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